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Welcome to JoltMarket this website is for upcoming streamers, upcoming content creators, gamers, or any person in love with electronics we have a very selective variety of electronics mainly for entertainment quality.

Why become a content creator

Being a content creator or streamer is every gamers dream and other people who make other type of content but why? I think it's safe to say that everyone would want to work on their own time and get paid a whole lot more than working under someone else well content creation does just that and if you love games as well then you are at the right place. Here are two of some of the most popular streamers opinion on becoming a streamer


Creating content for streaming is a blast! You get to show off your creativity and connect with your audience every step of the way. Whether you're brainstorming ideas or producing the final product, it's a fun and fulfilling experience. Allow us to give you the recommended setups.
If you wanna be a pro gamer, you gotta put in the work. It's not just about having the best gear or experience, but also about constantly improving your skills and strategies. Whether you're playing for fun or competing tournaments, the rush of pushing yourself to be the best is what makes it all worth it. If you want to play at the highest level lets start by us giving you the recommended setups.

A monitor is almost absolutely necessary for streaming and gaming even if a tv may seem better it is not the quality and specifics a monitor has is a must but we have the best monitors for you below.



You can get away with using a laptop but we think a pc is best for you because of how it can run high quality streams. For gaming a pc isnt necessary because of consoles but if u want access to any game and anything in general then a pc is what u need. Below you are the pc's we recommend getting.


Elgato/Capture Card

Capture cards are for recording your screen and gameplay they are used mostly for that but if you want to stream or look at your gaming clips then it is best if you buy one of these below.



A facecam is mainly used for content creation, if you want a better connection with your fans then a facecam is recommended they see you and the enviornment you are in. We recommend these facecams below.



A microphone is useful for content creation and gaming, if you sound clear the fans will enjoy and understand you and if you are clear then your team can have clear communication with you we recommend a microphone preferably the ones below.



Well you literally cannot stream or game without a desk we think that you can use anything as long as it can hold up your setup but if you want to buy one specifically from here, then allow us to give you the recommended desks below.


Tips for Content Creators

Our best advice for people who want to make content is too give the fans what they want and to never give up. You don't have to stream for long hours you don't have to be a funny person you just have to be yourself, be somewhat consistent, and be the best you can be for your fans. Most importantly advertise your streams, post clips on tiktok, instagram reels, facebook, twitter because nobody will show up in the stream without those clips. You just need to put energy into become a streamer and do the extra for it.

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